Our Services

We offer the complete range of services for all of your bookkeeping needs. We can tailor a package for your business to do as little or as much as you want.


MYOB and QuickBooks
Basic Data Entry
Reconciliation of all accounts
BAS preparation and lodgement
Preparation of financial reports
Liaise with accountant at end of financial year

All data entry is completed by our dedicated data entry staff. We are both MYOB and QuickBooks trained so you
have the option of what software to use. This includes all sales income, invoices from suppliers, cash receipts, etc.
All you need to do is bundle up your paperwork each week and post it off to us. Alternatively you can scan and
email this information to us if you would prefer.

We reconcile all your accounts including main trading bank accounts, credit cards, loan account and any additional
accounts you may have.

We do all your bookwork up until and including the point of BAS lodgement. The general bookkeeping and
reconciliations all contribute towards to the necessary requirements for BAS preparation. We calculate all the
necessary figures for your BAS and can lodge this with the ATO for you. If you are having your accountant lodge
this to gain the extension then we can send the calculated figures via email to your accountant or alternatively
easily send them the data file.

We prepare all your financial reports including your profit and loss statement and balance sheet. These are
prepared and shown in an easy to read format. We can provide them to you monthly or quarterly as you require
via email and for those who aren’t 100% sure of what the figures all mean we are more than happy to go through
these reports with you. Also with your permission we can email these through to your head office to meet their


Payroll Premier or integrated payroll
Weekly or fortnightly processing
Email or post payslips to staff
Reports sent to you weekly
Calculate and track PAYG Withholding
Calculate and track superannuation
Post out Payment Summaries (Group Certificates)

Our payroll software that we prefer to use is Payroll Premiere (a product of Quicken). This software provides
simple clear and flexible reporting so we are able to provide you the types of reports that you want to see. This
records personal details of each employee including banking details, superannuation details, contact details and
calculates PAYG withholding and superannuation.

We can process your payroll weekly or fortnightly as required. You simply need to send us a timesheet with the
hours of each employee by either fax or email and we do the rest. We work with the pay-rate schedule you are on
to ensure that your employees are being paid at the correct rate for their age and experience. After the payroll is
processed we load up the file and pay the employees over internet banking. We will provide you with reports for
the pay-run that show hours paid at what rate, gross payment, PAYG, net payment and superannuation for each
employee. We will also provide your employees with payslips which can be posted to the store for you to
distribute or we can email directly to each staff member. We generate reports and enter the expenses into the
accounting software on a monthly basis. When the superannuation is to be paid (legislation requires quarterly
however if you would prefer you can also pay monthly) we simply provide you with the amounts owing for each
superannuation fund and you post the cheques off to us. Once received we will generate superannuation reports
showing what is owed to each employees fund and send this along with the cheque to each superannuation fund.

At the end of the financial year we generate Payment summaries (group certificates) for each employee and
distribute by post to their postal address provided. We also email a copy of this to you as a single file for you
records and lodge these with the ATO


Pay your bills weekly
Strict approval process in place
Weekly cash flow management
Remittance advices provided to suppliers
Liaise with suppliers and handle all issues

We make weekly payments to all your suppliers including: product suppliers, rent, telephone, electricity and any
other bills you may have. We have simplified the process to take this time consuming task off your hands and
made it quick and easy for you.

We will export all unpaid bills into an excel spreadsheet giving you an outline of everything that is outstanding. We
will then highlight in yellow what we suggest to pay. This excel sheet is emailed to you on a Monday afternoon for
your perusal – we then need you to give us your approval for us to start paying. This is to ensure that you are
completely happy with what we suggest to pay and so you are informed of what is coming out of your bank

We work with your cash flow situation on a week to week basis. We find a pattern with your banking and regular
direct debit payments (loan accounts etc) and calculate roughly what will be coming out of your account that week
(wages, direct debits etc). We then suggest what can be paid with your cash situation for that week. For businesses
with bad cash flow we work closely with the owners to try and work through the situation (We can only make week
to week suggestions and cannot give you financial planning advice or cash flow projections that accountants can

When payments are made we provide your suppliers with remittance advices which detail what invoices were
paid. We also reconcile your supplier statements regularly and can deal with any account issues that may arise
with the suppliers.


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