About Us

Complete Bookkeeping Services has been established on the Gold Coast since 1999. We
are experts in fast food franchise bookkeeping and have perfected our processes to
handle fast food franchise bookkeeping stress free and anywhere in Australia. Please
see locations and services to find out more about this.

Benifits to you…

Fully qualified
Fast Food Franchise experts
National company
Designated client manager for personal touch
Safety of a larger company
Always someone to answer your calls
Saves you time

“Complete Bookkeeping Services has allowed me to focus on the most important aspects of running stores. I am no longer bogged down in day-to-day paperwork. This is especially important to me as a multi-store owner”

Dallas Mulholland – 4 Subway stores, 1 Pizza Capers, 1 Noodle Box store

The most important reason for having a bookkeeper is that it takes the stress and pressure of the
daunting bookkeeping task off your hands. Having a bookkeeper handling the paperwork leaves you
free to do what you do best – run your business! A lot of bookkeeping tasks need to be completed by
a certain deadline: payroll each week, BAS lodged on time, suppliers paid by due date. There is a lot of
pressure and time constraints of business owners and hiring the services of a bookkeeping company takes this worry off your hands.

Customer Service


Learns all the details of your company
Completes the general bookkeeping for your business
Generates financial reports for you
Calculates your BAS
Keeps that personal touch
Can fine tune the processes to suit your individual needs

Our office currently has 13 staff so we are considered a large bookkeeping company. In saying that,
customer service is a huge priority and we still want to keep that personal touch. Each client is given a
set “client manager”. This is your point of contact at the office who will process the majority of the
work for your file. However one of the benefits of going with a larger company is always having
someone to answer your calls; if your client manager is unavailable when you call there will always be
someone there who will do their absolute best to help you in whatever way they can.


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